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Dental 3D Imaging for Improved Diagnostic

scanora-3dxAdvances in the dental industry have made it possible for dental professionals to provide higher quality diagnostics through 3D imaging. At Oramax we strive to provide the best technology in our dental office and we are one of the only offices in the area with an on-site 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner.

Benefits of 3D Imaging in Schaumburg, IL Dental Practice

There are many benefits to using this 3D imaging technology during your exam:

  • Lower levels of radiation
  • Lower purchase price, and those savings can be passed along to our patients
  • Improved spatial resolution in bony areas
  • Allows surgeon to view dental anatomy from different angles
  • Accurate measurements of anatomical structure
  • Reduces surgical complications since the surgeon has more information to work with

When these 3D images are used, the three-dimensional views make it possible for Dr. Ads to thoroughly evaluate your dental health. As a result, our team can plan the perfect treatment based on your individual needs.

These crystal-clear images improve the accuracy of diagnosis and help with the final outcome of your dental surgery. The information available from the scan can be invaluable by offering important details about the location of nerves, sinuses, and other sensitive areas that need to be considered during the surgery. For example, a 3D scan can be used to get a different view of bone structures, which allows the doctor to identify root fractures, canals, and accurate planning for the surgery.

High Quality Surgical Care for You

When you are having dental surgery at Oramax, you can rest assured that your dental care is in good hands. By using 3D imaging scans before your treatment, we can improve your experience and deliver a better outcome.

For more information about 3D imaging and other diagnostic methods that are used in our office, call us anytime. We will gladly answer your questions and help you determine the right treatments for your dental health.

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