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Corrective Jaw Surgery to Treat an Improper Bite

If you suffer from an improper bite, then it is likely that a dental professional has made the recommendation for you to have corrective jaw surgery. An improper bite is usually caused by misaligned jawbones and teeth, and sometimes the only way to fix the bite is with surgery.

Why is Corrective Jaw Surgery Needed?

This dental surgery is an effective way to treat dental problems that can’t be remedied with less-invasive methods. When a patient is suffering from an improper bite they often experience problems with joint pain, chronic irritation, and difficulty swallowing or chewing. The best relief for these dental problems is to have corrective jaw surgery.

Sometimes this surgery can also be used to help with sleep apnea, in order to reduce snoring and improve breathing at night. Usually other sleep apnea treatments are used before surgery is suggested.

These are some of the reasons that corrective jaw surgery might be needed:

  • Misaligned jaw that causes problems with chewing and biting
  • Birth defects
  • Chronic TMJ pain and headaches
  • Protruding jaw
  • Accident or injury to the face which impacted the jaw bone and/or teeth
  • Teeth are being excessively worn down due to grinding and tooth misalignment
  • When the mouth is shut, there is space between the upper and lower teeth, known as an open biteĀ
  • Receding chin and lower jaw
  • Sleep apnea

For best results, your dentist, oral surgeon, and orthodontist will work together in order to determine the best treatment for your dental health.

Other Dental Treatments that Correspond with Corrective Jaw Surgery

It is common to use orthodontic braces first, in order to move the teeth into a different position. Then the patient is put under general anesthesia and the jaw is repositioned to align the teeth. This surgery can be done in as fast as an hour, or it might take several hours depending on the way the jaw is positioned.

After the surgery is complete and the patient has recovered, it is common for the person to experience an improved physical appearance since the jaw is in alignment. A protruding jaw or receding chin can be corrected from this dental surgery, which has a direct impact on physical appearance.

We can schedule a consultation to give you the opportunity to talk with the dental surgeon about your individual dental situation. Contact Dr. Ads to talk with a specialist about your dental health!