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Dental Bridges to Restore Your Smile

If you are missing several neighboring teeth, then your dentist or oral surgeon might recommend implant-supported dental bridges to restore your smile. This treatment option allows you to recreate a natural looking smile by filling in the gaps. Dr. Ads is a dental bridge specialist who can help with the treatment.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

There are actually three elements that are necessary for dental bridges: the dental implants that are put into the jawbone, abutments, and the actual bridge that fits onto the implants. If healthy teeth are neighboring the missing teeth, then the implants might not be necessary because the bridge can be secured in the mouth by connecting the bridge with crowns across the healthy teeth.

It is necessary to secure the bridges either through crowns or implants, and your dentist will assess your dental health to help you determine the best method for your individual situation. Both of these methods create a strong, long-lasting smile and a bridge that will stay securely in place.

If an implant bridge is needed, it can actually replace missing teeth and support bone growth at the same time. When teeth are missing, the bone can begin to deteriorate over time, which can lead to shifting and damage to healthy teeth. But, implants prevent further tooth loss by assimilating into the bone to maintain a strong jaw bone and prevent further deterioration.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

When you talk with a dental bridges specialist, there are several benefits that might be discussed. Here are a few of the advantages to this dental treatment:

  • Beautiful smile and a natural appearance
  • Better chewing function, allowing the patient to eat normally
  • Bridges function in the same way as natural teeth
  • Normal biting and jaw alignment
  • Preserving the bone (if implants are used)

When teeth are missing, the gaps in the mouth can actually lead to additional dental problems in the future. So the best option is to fill in the space with bridges or implants as soon as possible, in order to prevent damage to the neighboring teeth. Dental bridges provide the right treatment that can be used to support your long-term dental health and protect the remaining teeth as much as possible.

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