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Why Do You Need Hard or Soft Tissue Biopsy?

Has your general dentist recommended that you have a hard or soft tissue biopsy? If an unusual area is identified within a patient’s mouth, then the general dentist might recommend to have the patient visit an oral surgeon to have a biopsy completed.

When a Tissue Biopsy is Needed

This biopsy method is typically needed when an unexplained oral abnormality is identified. Usually, the general dentist will remove local irritants and try certain treatments if needed. But, if the abnormality persists, then it is a good idea to have a biopsy performed.

Lesions in the mouth can interfere with daily activities such as talking and eating, and they could potentially lead to bigger oral health problems in the future. When these serious lesions are identified, then there are many benefits to having the lesions biopsied.

In some cases, the lesions might interfere with the patient’s appearance, and the lesions are removed for aesthetic purposes. In other situations, the lesions might be removed to test the tissue in order to determine if oral cancer is present.

Accurate Diagnosis for Oral Lesions

edu-biopsyIt is common to use a hard or soft tissue biopsy in order to ensure an accurate diagnosis. When the abnormality is identified, it is difficult to obtain a correct diagnosis without the information that can be obtained through a biopsy. Your dentist will determine if the biopsy is needed, then make the recommendation to have you visit an oral surgeon in Schaumburg, IL, such as Dr. Ads.

During the biopsy treatment, the oral surgeon will use laser technology in order to minimize the invasiveness of the appointment. The biopsy tissue will be gathered and then sent for testing to obtain the information that is needed. By minimizing the amount of area that is impacted by the biopsy, it ensures that each patient feels comfortable and at ease during and after the oral surgery.

An Oral Surgeon that You Can Trust

Here at Oramax, our goal is to help you relax during your appointment. We offer top-notch technology and excellent experience to ensure that you receive the high quality treatments that you deserve. If your general dentist has recommended a hard or soft tissue biopsy, then we invite you to contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Our team will gladly answer your questions and help with anything that you need, to ensure that you receive the right treatment to support your oral health.