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Treatment for Impacted Canines in Schaumburg, IL

Did you know that it is common for teeth to be blocked or impacted, so they don’t grow in properly within the mouth? Many people have heard of impacted wisdom teeth, which require special oral surgery to safely remove the teeth. But, you might not be aware that the canines are also commonly blocked. In fact, about 2% of the population experiences impacted canines on the top jaw.

This dental condition is twice as common among females compared to males. It is important to seek the right treatment to avoid additional complications from the impacted teeth.

What Causes Canine Impaction?

There are various factors that might cause canine impaction, such as genetic or systemic factors, as well as the size of the arch in the mouth. The severity of the condition depends on the timing of diagnosis. Early diagnosis is ideal for the best treatment options.

In fact, the most important aspect of impacted canine treatment is to diagnose the problem at an early age. Then the management of the dental condition is most desirable.

How are Impacted Canines Treated?

If the canines are impacted and an oral surgeon and orthodontist work together, then it is possible to safely bring the impacted teeth through the gums. Usually, this process is done by exposing the tooth through the gums with a surgical procedure, and then allowing the tooth to naturally erupt. Another option is to use a bonded attachment which forces the tooth to move out of the gums.

This treatment is very important for both function and appearance. Without the tooth in the right place, eating and speaking can be disrupted. The canine tooth is very strong and used for biting, and it actually has the longest root compared with all other teeth in the mouth. Additionally, many people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile when the canines remain impacted.

Another problem of canine impaction is that painful infections can develop if the teeth are left within the gums. When these types of infections occur, then the infection can lead to a number of other dental problems. For example, the dental infection might lead to bone loss, which can cause other teeth to fall out.

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