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Oral Pathology Can Help with the Identification and Management of Dental Diseases

Oral pathology is an important aspect of maintaining good dental health throughout your life. Various diseases can occur which impact the mouth and the facial regions that surround the mouth. A qualified dental specialist in Schaumburg, IL can offer oral pathology services to help with the identification and treatment of these diseases.

The mouth is fundamental for speaking, eating, and breathing, so it is essential that you maintain good health and wellness to protect these functions. Dr. Ads specializes in oral pathology, and he can offer in-depth examinations to diagnose the diseases and then put together a treatment plan that is catered to your individual situation.

Do You Need Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology encompasses a broad range of dental diseases, and might include everything from halitosis (chronic bad breath) to oral cancer. Through specific diagnostic methods, it is possible to identify the cause of different symptoms that you might be experiencing.

If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or other unusual symptoms in or around your mouth, then it is important that you schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Oramax. Don’t delay this consultation, because a fast diagnosis can improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Early detection usually offers the best long-term results.

What You Need to Know about Oral Cancer

It is common for general dentists to complete an oral cancer screening during regular checkups, but patients should also be watching for signs of oral cancer. Even if your mouth and your teeth seem to be healthy, it is still important that you continually look for potential signs of oral cancer. If you suspect that you have any type of growth or lesion, then it is always best to talk with an oral pathology specialist right away.

Smokers have a higher risk for oral cancer, although 25% of diagnosed cases occur in nonsmokers. Young patients who have tested positive for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), also have an increased risk for oral cancer. Other factors that increase a person’s risk for oral cancer include being over the age of 40 and using tobacco.

Keep in mind that oral cancer starts out painless, and your oral health is a good indication of your overall wellness. By talking with a dental specialist and having an oral cancer screening, you can prevent various diseases and infections in the mouth before they get worse. If you have been diagnosed with a dental disease, then our experienced team can help by putting together a good treatment plan for you.

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